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TI Flash Debugger is TI's very own application debugging program. It is availible from their website for development, although it can also be used as a general-purpose emulator for the TI-83 line (including TI-72). It supports mose advanced emulator functions, like memory viewing and modifying CPU registers, as well as very good emulation of the FLASH memory, but needs work emulating the Z80 processor the calculators use; it doesn't support the undocumented instruction set, nor emulate all of the documented instructions correctly (usually forgetting to set/reset flags), causing some programs to not function correctly or at all (a good example of this is the game "Dying Eyes").

Additionally, this emulator can only allow one key to be pressed at a time, which can cause problems with debugging some keyhooks (like MirageOS's ON+APPS), as well as breaking some programs (BBC BASIC Z80 for the TI-83 requires multiple keys to be pressed at a time in order to type most characters).

The .clc files which come with the program are full ROM images after truncating them to 512kb.

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