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Note: Do not take the information on this template page as actual documentation!

The Hooks are named by their hook pointer block address (the four bytes consisting of page, address, and an extra byte), in hexadecimal. An example is 83Plus:Hooks:9B84.

You must also include a variation on the following code to put your documentation into the appropriate Category listing:

[[Category:83Plus:Hooks:By Address|8562 - ImAHook]]
[[Category:83Plus:Hooks:By Name|ImAHook]]

Change the address and name to match your hook.


Name: ImAHook

Hook Pointer Block Address: 8562

Hook Enable BCALL: 1234

Hook Disable BCALL: 5678

Hook Call BCALL: 9012

Hook Active Flag: 6, (iy + 23h)

This hook allows you to change the values that GetKey returns.

Using the Hook

These different values, passed in a, determines what the hook should do.

  • 1: The calculator just turned on. There seem to be no other values passed to the hook.
  • 2: The calculator is computing 1+1.
    • b: 1
    • c: 1
    • Change b and/or c to affect the output of the problem (which will still look like 1+1 to the user).
  • 3: Preparing to turn off due to 2nd+OFF.
    • Zero flag: Clear to abort the power off.


This hook doesn't exist. This is a demonstration only.

Credits and Contributions

  • /dev/hda1: My favorite hard drive partition.