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Note: Do not take the information on this template page as actual documentation!

The Ports are named by their number, in hexadecimal. An example is 83Plus:Ports:00.

You also must put a variation on the following code into your page to have it categorized:

[[Category:83Plus:Ports:By Address|06 - Flash Memory Paging]]
[[Category:83Plus:Ports:By Name|Flash Memory Paging]]


Port Number: 06h

Function: Flash Memory Paging

This port controls what page is swapped into the 4000h to 7FFFh range. (DO NOT take this template page as real documentation on port 6!)

Read Values

  • [00h - FFh]: The current port mapped to the memory range 4000h through 7FFFh.

Write Values

  • [00h - FFh]: The new page to swap in to the memory range 4000h through 7FFFh

Note: if you would have bitwise flags for your port, label them "bit X".


The behavior of this port changes in different memory map modes.


push af
in a,(6)
push af
ld a,1
out (6),a
; do stuff that needs page 1 swapped in
pop af
out (6),a
pop af

Credits and Contributions

  • /dev/urandom: Because of your randomness, this project is possible.