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Note: Do not take the information on this template page as actual documentation!

The RAM Areas are named by their start address, in hexadecimal. An example is 83Plus:RAM:8478.

You must also add something similar to the following to make your documentation show up in the category lists:

[[Category:83Plus:RAM:By Address|3141 - ValueOfPi]]
[[Category:83Plus:RAM:By Name|ValueOfPi]]


Official Name: ValueOfPi

Memory Address: 3141h

Length: 1,000,000 bytes.

This area of memory stores the value of pi accurate to two million BCD digits. This is the value that is promptly truncated to only 14 digits by all the math routines.


This value can be recalculated by talking to the people inside the calculator (or that's what my math teacher says.)

Credits and Contributions

  • /usr/bin/vim: For being the superior editor (death to emacs!)