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Here is a partial list of the various sections of the calculator that use this hook

ButtonPressed Value of A

Quit 40 ;Also choosing NO when prompted to Reset anything in Mgmt

Link 41

Stat/Edit... 43

Graph 44

Mode 45

PGRM/New 47

Window 48

Y= 49

Table 4A

TblSet 4B

Mem/About 4C

Mem/Mgmt/Del... 4D

Mem/Reset/RAM 4E ;Also reset Archive/Apps (& everything else?)

Mem/ResetDeflts 4F

Math/Solver... 54

Stat/Z-Test... 56 ;Also T-Test... (everything else?)

Format 57

Trace 5A

Zoom/ZPrevious 5E

Stat/Z-Test/Calc FC ;Also Draw of T-Test... (everything else?)

When the calculator is turned off, 02 is passed to the hook. However, there are occasional exceptions (once, Quitting from TblSet returned $31 for example.) Pressing Clear while in Memory Management will return $00 to A. Seren 00:23, 13 September 2009 (UTC)