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Pixel shadow buffer

What's the pixel shadow buffer? A03A? It's an invitingly large chunk of scrap RAM.

The normal one is at 8941h on page 3. The secondary one (why did I think it was for the homescreen? I'm not sure what it's for) is at AA11h (pages 3-2). The backup pixel shadow for the homescreen (analogous to cmdShadow) is at CAE1h (page 2). Each of them is 8400 bytes in size (210 * 40, the status bar area is not included.)
There are some large, potentially safe RAM areas in the A000s and up, but there are lots of not-so-safe areas too. I don't know enough yet to make broad statements about what's safe and what isn't. FloppusMaximus 03:45, 3 April 2013 (UTC)