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Omnimaga is a website dedicated to TI calculator and PC game programming and music creation of any kind. Aside from our programming team products, it also provide a selection of the best community-contributed RPGs ever made for any brand of graphing calculators. Our goal is to provide a discussion environment free of any hostility for all coders wanting to learn, give or get help, show off their work and/or discuss. We also have promising projects coming along and new songs added regularly. Register today if you want to contribute and we hope you enjoy your stay! [1]


  • DJ Omnimaga
  • Simplethinker
  • Builderboy
  • Calc84maniac
  • Cooliojazz
  • Eeems
  • Miotatsu
  • Necro

Former Members

  • {AP} (?)
  • (Miss many others)



  • First forum


  • Forums Closed


  • Forums reopened in August


  • RPG games for all calcs (TI-73,TI-82 to TI-86, 68k, HP and Casio)
  • TiBoy SE
  • PC Games (mostly RPG, GameMaker and JAVA)
  • Utilities for making RPG games
  • Music
  • rick rolls for calculator (parody)