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You want a thorough list of the spam bots? Check out Special:ListUsers. There's more spam there then we have time to remove. We're currently running on a policy of "just don't try". (But hey, if you've got time, you could ask User:Brandonw for Sysops.) At any rate, the Wiki software can't delete accounts, only block them, and most of those bots seem to be dead. We seem to be more interested in blocking any new bots that appear than purging them altogether. Dr. D'nar 16:56, 25 October 2009 (UTC)


lol Alright I agree with "just don't try" policy O_O

We can always block users that contain certain keywords: buy mp3 download (products name) etc..

About pages with strange names, the policy mantains...

Galandros 19:03, 25 October 2009 (UTC)


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history: MaxCoderz Greenlights

Work on:

Update do WikiTI:


bcalls or ram

usermemoff = $89EC _JForceCmd = $402A _homeup = $4558 LCD_BUSY_QUICK = $000B _lcd_busy = $4051 ;wait till bit 1 of port 2 is set _EraseEOL equ 4552h ;falta na wikiTI ; apaga desde o cursor até ao fim da linha freeRAM equ 9815h ;pretty sure this is the amount of RAM free, valid in Mem Mgmt/Del anyway

Display tokens
Get_Tok_Strng, and _PutTokString presumably calls that and then _VPutS

(localLanguage): two bytes. (localLanguage) contains the language number as follows: 0Ah - Spanish 0Ch - French 07h - German 16h - Portugese 09h - English (localLanguage+1) is some sort of version number...1 has been seen with all but 16h, which has 2. 3 is apparently possible. Evidently not all that important.

_ErrNotEnoughMem equ 448Ch ;only if not HL bytes free _GetDispRowOffset equ 4D59h ;HL=A*12 (intended for A to be row and HL becomes offset into plotSScreen)

Official Name
BCALL Address
This routine adds two times A to HL and then jumps to LdHLind. It can be used to get an address from a pointer table.
[edit] Inputs
* hl = pointer table base
* a = entry in table to grab
[edit] Outputs
* hl = (hl+2a)
* a = (hl+2a)
* de = 2a
* bc preserved
* f destroyed

This will get the free archive in OP3

Label101: bcall(5014h) ld bc,(839Fh) ld (OP1),bc ld bc,(83A1h) ld (OP1M),bc ld hl,8493h ld b,06h Label730: ld de,000Ah push hl push bc bcall(80B1h) pop bc pop hl ld a,(8486h) add a,30h ld (hl),a dec hl djnz Label730

If your program runs with Asm(), then the amount of free RAM will be smaller because a copy of your program was made.
Or use the VAT if your program needs to expand and shrink itself on the fly. Find yourself in the VAT, locate your data, read your twobyte size prefix, and add that to the value returned from MemCheck.

You can get the full calc ID
Undocumented rom-calls
bcall 807E
Stores the first five bytes of the ID to OP4. You will have to convert them to ascii hex
if you want to display them. 1 byte = 2 hex ascii chars, you know.
call 3c85h
This returns HL as a pointer to the remaining two bytes of the ID.
WILL ONLY WORK ON ROM VERSION 1.14 (don't know about higher versions, but who uses them anyway)