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Name: Michael

Date-of-Birth: 1-02-1984

Occupation: Student at Saint Peter's College in Jersey City, NJ

Area of Study: Philosophy and Elementary Education

Website: Contact Me

Projects Under Development

Nostalgy, aka ReaktixOS, aka ReOS
new 3rd party operating system.
currently being rewritten for compilation with Wabbitspasm
Current features:
  • Version: 0.2.4-usi
  • OS loader
  • IM1
  • poweroff/on
  • [ON]-hotkey menu
  • holding [ON] pauses the currently running routine/program until it is either released (which powersoff the calc) or until another key is pressed, which invokes that hotkey, if it exists.
  • [ON]+[+] raises the contrast and [ON]+[-] lowers the contrast
  • Task switching environment (tasks can be paused and resumed) (inspired by Radical Software's TSE, by Robin Kay, Michael Vincent)
  • 5 tasks are supported (2 system tasks + 3 user tasks)
  • can continue a task from it's last PC or
  • can return to an address provided by the task
  • saves and restores registers for each task
  • saves and restores the stack for each task
  • system information screen: displays OS version, calc type, Boot Code version, Battery state
  • beginnings of a CLI, but no commands/input currently implemented
  • crude versions of a "run indicator"
  • Font:
  • 4x5 fixed-width font
  • inverting
  • clipping
  • Sprite:
  • OR-ing
  • XOR-ing
  • clipping
  • masking
Features already implemented, but not yet included:
  • Mathematical system calls
  • Grayscale: built-in 3,or 4-level grayscale support (based on Duck's grayscale programming package)
  • Audio
  • PlayWAV: built-in WAV playing capabilities
  • PlaySound: built-in sound effects
  • Media:
  • Sprites: scaling
Planned features:
  • RAM integrity verification and erasure upon non-integrity detection
  • User interface: user-selected
  • TIOS Homepage-style command line interface
  • graphical user interface
  • Linking:
  • TIOS: TIOS-compatible routines
  • non-TIOS: non-TIOS compatible routines, which allow for faster connections due to data compression before sending, and decompression upon receiving
  • Networking: made capable by Timendus' CLAP
  • Compression/Decompression: built-in on-calc data compression/decompression routines with an assortment of different algorithms.
  • Grayscale:
  • user-adjustable interrupt speed (based on Duck's grayscale programming package, but the interrupt speed would be more acutely adjustable)
  • RAM
  • Executable RAM: user RAM programs would begin @ $8200, and thus allows for more executable RAM
  • Stack Space: 3KB reserved stack space
  • Data Management Table: VAT-like system for file management
  • Folder support: the user can create and manage folders both in RAM and ROM
  • Registry: System registry to allow for hook chaining
  • Multi-tasking(?): allow up to three programs to be running simultaneously on RAM page 1
  • ROM
  • Apps: Flash space would be allocated in 4K or 8KB sectors, depending on the user's choice. This would be made possible by having all APPS use only relative jumps/calls
  • Interrupts
  • IM 1 hook: system-supported, chainable
  • IM 2: system-supported, chainable routine
  • Media:
  • Video (like animated gifs?)
  • Video-Audio sync-ing (AVIs?)
  • Font:
  • 4x5 variable-width font
  • grayscale
  • centering
  • word-wrap
  • bold
  • underline
  • Keypad-Input
  • "normal" keypad
  • qwerty-style keypad
  • user-remappable
  • External Hardware Drivers
  • PS/2 Keyboard Driver
  • PS/2 Mouse

Projects Left to Simmer


Abandoned Projects

On-calc data/program compression utility.
Current functional algorithms include:
  • Fibonacci encoding/decoding [1]
  • Elias gamma encoding/decoding [2]
  • Elias delta encoding/decoding [3]
Future algorithms:
  • Static Huffman [4]
  • Adaptive Huffman [5]
  • PuCrunch [6]
  • Ion [7]
  • Burrows-Wheeler Transformation [8]
  • BSTW Algorithm [9]
  • LS77 [10] or LZSS [11]
Other Algorithms
  • ShellSort [12]
  • HeapSort
Harry Potter game
Game where the main character is unknown (the main char is not Harry Potter) and you must decide to fight for the forces of good or to side with Voldemort.
hook chaining manager