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Unofficial Name: PushMCplxOP1 (see warning below)

BCALL Address: 43CC

Push a complex number onto the top of the Floating Point Stack.


  • OP1 = real part
  • OP2 = imaginary part


  • FPS1 = real part
  • FPST = imaginary part


  • AF, BC, DE, HL


When storing a complex number on the FPS, the real part is pushed first and the imaginary part second.

Note that unlike routines such as PushOP1, this routine always pushes both OP1 and OP2 regardless of the data type.

An error is thrown if there is not enough memory. Temporary variables may be deleted if necessary.

Warning: The official name of this routine is PushMCplxO1. However, the official header file from TI, ti83plus.inc, contains the following incorrect definition:

_PushMCplxO1 EQU 43CFh ; this is WRONG!

(See PushMCplx.) I suggest that the name PushMCplxOP1 be used instead, to avoid conflicts with broken header files.