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Official Name: PushMCplx (see warning below)

BCALL Address: 43CF

Push a complex number onto the top of the Floating Point Stack.


  • HL = address of a complex number in 22-byte format


  • FPS1 = real part
  • FPST = imaginary part


  • AF, BC, DE, HL


When storing a complex number on the FPS, the real part is pushed first and the imaginary part second.

Note that unlike routines such as PushOP1, this routine always pushes two floating-point numbers regardless of the data type. Also note that this routine expects its input to be in 22-byte (extended precision) format, rather than the more common 18-byte format. Only the first 9 bytes of each component will be pushed on the FPS, of course.

An error is thrown if there is not enough memory. Temporary variables may be deleted if necessary.

Warning: The official header file from TI, ti83plus.inc, contains the following incorrect definition:

_PushMCplxO1 EQU 43CFh ; this is WRONG!

(See PushMCplxOP1.)