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Hypothesized Official Name: RclVarToEdit

Syscall Address: 020DCCh

When you have an edit buffer open, you can use this routine to recall the tokenized contents of any variable into that edit buffer. First, it will find the variable (It must exist in RAM), tokenize it, and then place it in the edit buffer, moving the cursor to the end.


  • OP1 - Contains the name of the variable to recall into the edit buffer


  • Tokenized variable placed into edit buffer

Registers Destroyed

  • All


  • Throws an Err:Undefined if the variable is not found.


You can use this routine to tokenize the varible in Ans and store it into a string in Ans, if you will.

 	or	a,a
	sbc	hl,hl
	call	_CreateTStrng
	push	de
	call	_PushRealO4
	pop	de
	call	_SetEmptyEditPtr
	call	_AnsName
	call	_RclVarToEdit
	call	_CloseEditEqu
	call	_PopRealO1
	jp	_StoAns