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A software emulator allows computer programs to run on a platform (computer architecture and/or operating system) other than the one for which they were originally written. Unlike a simulation, which only attempts to reproduce a program's behaviour, an emulation attempts to precisely model the state of the device being emulated.

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Why using an emulator instead of the real calculator? There are several reasons for this:

  • When crashing, you can recover the emulator with the ease of one/two-clicks.
  • Sending files is a matter of drag 'n' dropping the file.
  • Test on different calcs.
  • Access to powerful debugging tools.
  • Ability to take screen-shots.

TI Emulators

There are six major emulators available for the z80 series of calcs:

PindurTI is one of the two most accurate emulation of all emulators available. However, its author, Patai Gergley has discontinued it due to lack of time. Wabbitemu is a recent z80 emulator, emulating almost all z80 calcs. It is available for Windows and Mac, with a Linux version in progress. jsTIfied is the first online z80 emulator, emulating the TI-83+/SE and TI-84+/SE entirely in Javascript and HTML5. Linux users can use TilEm. Virtual TI is the oldest and most used emulator at the moment. It has however a lot problems because of incorrect emulation.

The major emulator for the m68k series is TiEmu, which supports all the 68k calcs.

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