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TI-83 (Regular)

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TI-83 Plus Family

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Note: Because the TI-84+CSE is based on the older TI-84+ ASIC, much of the hardware related documentation is the same. Therefore, the port list for the TI-84+CSE shall be combined with the TI-83+ ports.

TI-84 Plus CE[-T], TI-83 Premium CE

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The TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE are two models new in 2015. The former is for the USA region (maybe all of North America?) and the latter is for France (Features a PTT LED and an exact math engine, whose new vartypes are documented here).
The hardware is virtually identical between the two models. The TI-84 Plus CE-T is the European counterpart of the TI-84 Plus CE, but has the PTT LED like the 83PCE.


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M68K Family

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Z80 programming

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